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“The NDP has kind of been silent on where they fit in those two world views.” PC supporters appear to be more motivated to show up at the polling station, giving the Tories a small 3% lead over the Liberals among “committed likely” voters.The Liberals are at the front of the pack in Toronto and eastern Ontario, and with female voters and those aged 30 to 44.We carry free condoms and lube and sexual health information.The team promote community based outreach services throughout the city of Liverpool, in the streets and in areas where women typically work offering sexual services.The Green Party of Ontario owns 6% of the committed vote.Abacus Data found that more than two in 10 voters feel comfortable swinging between the Liberals and NDP but would never mark the ballot for the PCs.During the Tri-Cross Relay event of the Games, Cinch witnesses Twilight's amulet open a dimensional rift and release a carnivorous plant, and she watches Rainbow Dash pony up.

Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

She is the former headmistress of Crystal Prep Academy.

She is named Principal Abacus Cinch in the film's opening and closing credits and with a trademark symbol on her Enterplay trading card Equestrian Friends #27.

In order to maintain Crystal Prep's reputation, Cinch forces her brightest student Twilight Sparkle to compete in the Games, going as far as to threaten revoking Twilight's application for an independent study program to ensure she competes.

During her visit to Canterlot High School, Cinch displays considerable disdain toward the school and its choice of Games competitors, comparing their selection process to a "popularity contest." She interrupts the welcome party that the school holds for their rivals to assure everyone that Crystal Prep will win the Games like it always has.