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This idea is simply foreign to them and not even in their realm of consciousness. and round and round the relationship break up cycle goes. A profile like this could be understood if the lady was a highly successful career woman herself and wants to find a similar high achieving man so they can relate and have more in common with. It also has a lot to do with why women in America are not very receptive to men approaching them in public. men, at least not in the sense that a foreign lady does. I would like to make friends and if possible meet someone special with whom to share from a good conversation to a nice event.So, if you are just looking for a quick fling you may want to try something like Latin American Cupid.It's more of a classic dating site in the vein of Match.com, so it attracts all types of women, from those looking for serious relationships, to girls who are just curious about foreigners and want to make new friends online or find guys for casual “hookups”.d say foreign ladies focus on spiritualism, soulfulness, nurturing, and family values, whereas American women profiles mostly focus by far and large on There are many key words and phrases in American woman profiles that are used to allude to this focus on a man? This phrase is a key word that tells you that these ones are likely to be the high maintenance or hard to please type with unrealistic dating expectations.s career and money without having to directly say it. ve pointed them out in the sample profile section below. Unfortunately, this is the subconscious cultural psyche of most American woman of today. In general, the demanding and unrealistic expectations that many American ladies have makes it such that almost no one will be good enough for them. Jean end result is that just about every guy will end up disappointing these ladies throughout the relationship to one degree or another. I'm not saying I 100% know where I'm going in my life - I think that's the fun of it, not knowing exactly what you might be doing in 5 years.And now I am looking man here with same mood with me...