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from the ‘80s, or does CEO Elon Musk have the right to just change the pronunciation on a whim? ” We then take a voice mail asking what our respective protocols would be if we were diagnosed with cancer (as in, who would we tell, and when?), and our answers sum up our personalities pretty perfectly. I was born to a Christian father and a Taoist mother.

Also, America is the only civilized western country where the plotline of Breaking Bad makes even the least bit of sense. After reading his apology two months ago to several bloggers who have, like me, spent years blogging against the problems caused by the purity teachings promoted by Harris and others, I started listening with some optimism.I was seriously, MARTIN: Joshua Harris has been reflecting a lot on the impact of his book. As the title clearly states [you can mouse over the link if you don’t want to click it], it was penned by a 21-year-old virgin, but what you may not have known then but know now is that I am a 23-year-old never-been-kissed virgin. A decision that could, in all likelihood, lead to something more or less like this: .He also wrote that masturbation was sin, period, even in marriage, because sexual pleasure was always and only ever meant to be mutual, between spouses. And it scared the shit out of me and thousands of other evangelical girls. HARRIS: Honestly, I haven’t engaged that process of reading through the whole book and saying, this is what I think about all these different areas. But I think one of the things that I’m changing in my own thinking is I just think people – myself included – it’s so easy to latch on to a formula. You’ll be safe and you’ll be protected and you’ll be whatever. I don’t think that’s the way the life of faith works.