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Syria has been in the midst of a civil war for more than six years and is subject to European and American sanctions. Although Mr Trump has pulled the US out of the deal, he insisted that he "will work to ensure that America remains the world’s leader on environmental issues, but under a framework that is fair and where the burdens and responsibilities are equally shared among the many nations all around the world.” However, the US president was unclear on how he will reduce emissions from his country, which is second only to China when it comes to emitting fossil fuels.

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But sometimes, children aren't necessarily mature enough to properly use such a powerful tool.Phone Sheriff helps you keep your young child or teenager on the right track and out of harm's way.While this necessary technology has proven to have many benefits, it has some potential downfalls.When a child has their own dedicated phone or tablet, they might start to abuse it, which can affect their schoolwork.This page describes some of the different ways to use Phone Sheriff.

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