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Backdating job seekers allowance

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A backdate request must be made in writing on either the benefit claim form or in a letter.There has to be a good reason why your claim is late. Good cause must be continuous for the period you want backdated benefit.We will need to see proof of your income, savings and rent payments for the period you want to backdate your benefit for and any proof to support your reasons (for example, medical certificates or hospital letters). You can also get help from an advice agency, such as a Citizens Advice Bureau.Unfortunately, the Benefit Regulations do not say what are, and what are not, good reasons so we look at each case individually.They must also go to a Job Centre every two weeks to "sign on", that is, to certify that they are still actively seeking work.Claims for Jobseeker's Allowance are maintained by the Jobseeker's Allowance Payment System (JSAPS).

This would be for the period between when you want your award of Housing Benefit to start and when you actually make your claim.'Good reasons' must apply for the whole period you're asking us to backdate your benefit for.If you, or your partner, are of state pension credit qualifying age and qualify for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support we can backdate your benefit up to 3 months before the date your claim is received (as long as you were entitled to benefit for that period).If you are over pension credit age, the law requires us to automatically treat your claim for Housing Benefit as being made 3 months before we actually received your claim.This would mean we can consider paying you for a period up to 3 months before the date we received your application form.Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) is a form of unemployment benefit paid by the Government of the United Kingdom to people who are unemployed and actively seeking work.